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Performance Analysis in Wireless Power Transfer System over Nakagami Fading Channels

  • 28/02/2020
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Abstract—Wireless devices become useless in an absence of energy and become unable to contribute to the utility of the network as a group. Using a convenient and inadequate energy
source for empowering the wireless devices is an attractive idea. However, Wireless Powered Communication (WPC) combined with information transmission depends on many issues. In this paper, we consider a single hop communication system in which one source receives energy from one power transfer station and uses the energy to transmit information to destination. The performance of considered WPC system is analyzed in terms of outage probability (
Pout) and average symbol error probability (ASEP). The accuracy of the analyses verified by Monte-Carlo simulations validate that energy harvesting time coefficient, modulation order, shape parameter of Nakagami channels, distance from source to destination and are important ones to control Pout and ASEP of WPC.
Index Terms—Wireless Powered Communication, outage probability, ASEP, M-PSK , Nakagami-m.

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